Doctoral Alumni

Doctoral Alumni and Graduation Year Position (might not be current)
Gregory J. White 1986 Professor, Director of Naval Architecture, U. S. Naval Academy
Ziad Eldukair 1988 Businessman and Investor
Young G. Sohn 1988 Chief, Structural Dynamics Branch, Defense Threat Reduction Agency
Naji M. Al-Mutairi 1989 Director General, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
Ahmed Ibrahim 1991 Senior Researcher, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
C.-Y. Chia 1992 Unknown
Kwan-Ling Lai 1992 Unknown
Maguid H.M. Hassan 1992 Professor, The British University in Egypt
Rujen Chao 1995 Unknown
Y.-H. Oscar Chang 1996 Unknown
Khaled Atua 1998 Sr. Reliability Manager at Baxter Healthcare
Ibrahim Assakkaf 1998 Researcher, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
Khaled Eloseily 1998 Engineering Group Supervisor, Bechtel Corporation
Andrew N. Blair 1999 Program Manager, The World Bank
William Bender 2000 Professor and chair, University of Washington, Seattle, WA
Hasan Kamal 2001 Researcher, Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research
Rob Wilcox 2001 Science Advisor, Chief of Naval Operations
Manal Al-Fadhala 2002 Assistant Professor, University of Kuwait
Paul Hess III 2002 Program Director, Office of Naval Research
Adel Al-Wazeer 2007 University Professor
Kleio Avrithi 2007 Nuclear Engineering Firm
William L. McGill 2008 Assistant Professor, Penn State University
Che-Yu Chang 2012 Engineer, Lawrie and Associates
Mohammed Ghoniema 2015 Projects Control Manager (Senior Associate) JMT

Master Alumni

Name, Year Name, Year Name, Year Name, Year Name, Year
I.A. Alvi, 1988 T.F. Bell-Wright, 1988 I.A. Alvi, 1989 M. Boyer, 2006 J. Hanacek, 2006
J. McGrath (ENCE), 2008 M. Quinet, 2008 N. Miles (ENAE), 2008 E. Zeilah (ENME), 2009 A. Bui, 2009
N. Wagman, 2009 P. Broqueres, 2010 V. Yoann, 2010 T. Soave, 2010 H. G. Braileanu, 2011
N. Qureshi, 2011

Bachelors Research Alumni

Name, Year Name, Year Name, Year Name, Year Name, Year
A.B. Abdulrashid, 1985 A. Zerrouk, 1986 R. White, 1986 G.S. Cheok, 1986 Y.G. Sohn, 1986
R. Kadissi, 1987 I. Hanieh, 1987 K. Handal, 1987 A. Ibrahim, 1987 K.-L. Lai, 1989
J. Parekh, 1989 P. Patel, 1990 C.H. Wong, 1990 A.J. Bagde, 1990 A. Samuel, 1990
J. Yao, 1991 C.W. Carlson, 1991 A. Shaikh, 1992 M. Abu-Kassem, 1993 B. Waggoner, 1996
C. Popescu, 1998 B. L. Erickson, 1999 T. Boutaleb, 1999 C. Smith, 2000 G. Bhamidipaty, 2001
N. Rihani, 2002 N. Tull, 2006 M. Manofsky, 2007 S. Otto, 2007 J. Ramirez, 2010
E. Zeilah, 2012 D. Webb, 2012 A. Knupp, 2012 T. Nguyen, 2012 G. M. Khirallah, 2013
M. Gierson, 2015 B. Crespo R. McCullough